Letter to the Parish

My dear friends,


We have been experiencing lockdown for many weeks now and this has brought its share of difficulties to all of us.


The pandemic is by no means over yet.  However, we have been advised that church may start to be opened for worship once again.


Therefore, St Cuthbert’s church will be open for Holy Communion on Sunday 5th July and each Sunday thereafter for the 9.30 am service.


This will be a short, said service (no hymns or singing allowed).


Communion will be administered in one kind only (bread) for safety and those who attend will receive at the chancel step standing.


The online service in its current format will continue for the time being.


Some people may be waiting with expectancy a return to church life as it used to be.


I need to counsel you all that it is unlikely that we will return to what used to pass as normal for a long time, if ever!  Quite honestly, there is no going back to our old ways.  Just as the Jews in exile in Babylon retuned to a changed Jerusalem, so we will find the future that beckons is different with new opportunities and possibilities.


We must all open our hearts and minds to the new circumstances that God is calling us to explore.  We are the pilgrim people of the Lord and as we travel along the scenery changes.  We are heading towards our goal of reaching the Kingdom of God.  That is our spiritual destiny, the real home that our souls long for.


The way ahead may be a little unfamiliar, but we have the Holy Spirit to energise us, the Lord Christ to guide us and God our Father to inspire us.


We will travel hopefully and in good faith, without fear or trepidation if we trust in Him that calls us.


Church cannot be the same again.  Our country and indeed the world cannot be the same again.  New circumstances call for us to be renewed people. 


I hope and pray that like me you can look forward to a deeper relationship with our Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.


We are all in the hands of God.  We can look forward to a bright tomorrow whatever that brings.


May God bless you all.


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