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Prayer is something anyone can do. You don’t have to use complicated words or special phrases. You just pray what is in your heart. 

We hope you find our prayers helpful.



Every day we share prayers on facebook and our website.  

We would now like to extend this to sharing your prayer requests on Fridays. 

So if anyone would like someone or something prayed for then please let us know. 

Please email our vicar, Rev. John McDermott, at:

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January 30th

Today we pray for all who travel or move about the country for what ever reason. We think of those who move house, who travel to work and for other reasons. We also give thanks for those who work in all the transport systems of our country and keep us moving .



January 29th


Today’s prayer is for the Presentation of Christ in the Temple known as Candlemas.

Lord Jesus Christ,

light of the nations and glory of Israel:

make your home among us,

and present us pure and holy

to your heavenly Father,

your God, and our God.




January 28th

Continuing to Pray for Ukraine and Russia

A prayer for Ukraine and Russia -

Heavenly Father, Lord of the people of Ukraine;

we pray that you would make your presence known to them.

We pray for their protection and for an end to the Russian invasion.

We pray for the innocent, the frightened, the dispossessed,

and those who have lost loved ones, homes and family.

Lord we seek for peace and justice for all.




January 27th

Today’s reading from Psalm 37 advises us to

'Trust in the Lord and do good.'

Andrew Bagshaw and Christopher Parry felt called to join the humanitarian effort to help the most vulnerable escape from the horrors of the front line of the Ukraine war. Since March they have rescued hundreds of people and animals. Tragically, Andrew and Christopher died on their last mission.

Lord, you ask us to trust in you “and do good”.

We pray for Andrew Bagshaw and Christopher Parry,

thankful for their work of rescue.

We pray for all those bereaved by the war in Ukraine,

especially the families of Andrew and Christopher.

We pray an end to the conflict and that justice will prevail.





January 26th

Hang on in there’ is a common piece of advice given to people in difficult situations. That’s OK but sometimes situations are so hard, so threatening that you have to get out quickly. Who would have said ‘hang on in there’ to the people of the eastern regions of Ukraine in March 2022. And there are times when you have to take steps to change an unfair or exploitative situation or relationship. And always, there is the question ‘hang on to what?’

Given, then, that some situations do demand fight or flight, what about the ordinary everyday lives where we might be tempted or despair and want to just give up? And what about that fundamentally Christian question, ‘why is there so much evil in the world if God is a God of love?’ It's understandable I suppose that some people give up on their faith and just focus on getting by day by day, without any real purpose or hope - surrendering perhaps to the god of consumerism, or just being concerned ‘for number one’.

When Jesus began his ministry he said that the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ had come amongst the people. What did he mean? Clearly the occupying Romans  had not been driven out, there was no end to poverty and hunger and violence. Two millennia of reflection on this seems to suggest he was talking about this kingdom being something within each of us. Something that would bring peace, reconciliation, hope and love; an internal guidance system or gyroscope that would take us through all the stuff that life throws at us, and help us respond in the right way, in word and action if necessary. Jesus modelled this for us and showed us the way, right through to the end and beyond. He released his Spirit to dwell within us. To help us hang on in there. 

Lord, you have given us the hope that your kingdom will come on earth and have taught us to pray for its coming. Give us the grace to first open our own hearts to the indwelling of your Spirit, and then to work for that day when your will is done throughout all the earth as it is in heaven.   Amen.


January 25th

As the week of prayer for Christian unity comes to a close we may want to reflect on today’s Bible passage (Matthew 9:27-end) noticing a touch that opens eyes. We can give up, and go on our own way, or we can wait and trust. The path of the Pharisees in this passage is the way of our own effort. They might see the grace of God at work in the world and at work in individual lives but refuse to acknowledge it as being of God.  God invites us to his way where we do not depend on our effort, our ability in ourselves, to work at unity. Sometimes that way requires trusting, even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Sometimes it means walking with Jesus together without being sure of where he is going or how things are going to turn around for us. Where others see darkness or difficulty, the way of grace sees God at work around us in our own lives and the lives of others. May we trust as we continue to work together.


Dear God, may we trust you as we continue to work together. Give us eyes to see your working in and around us through our diversity,  as well as hearts eager to be open to new possibilities of unity. 



January 24th

God loves to hear us pray and wants us to bring our requests to him, however small. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” (Phil 4:6) We also need to bring the big issues before him, not because he does not know, but because in doing that we can join our hearts and minds with his. Praying is much more about changing us than changing things.

I love this quote from Archbishop Justin Welby, “Praying is simply sitting before God and allowing him, through Jesus, to shape who we are.” Or this, from Michael Ramsey, who said that prayer is “coming to God with the people on your heart and coming to the people with God on your heart.” Prayer does not have to use words. So sometimes I will pray for a specific outcome. But if it does not happen, that does not mean that God is not listening, or does not care, or that prayer does not ‘work’. God is not a slot-machine.

Father,  Teach me the joy of simply sitting before you, teach me the peace of resting in your love, teach me the strength of simple faith, teach me the silence of trust.  Amen


January 23rd

I am thinking of two words that sound very much alike and have two very different meanings. Those words are Unity and Uniformity. I read a good definition of the difference between them recently. “Unity is a constant effort to treat each other with respect and tolerate each other's differences. Uniformity is the state of being uniform; holding the same views, beliefs, standards, ethics, etc. With uniformity there is no allowance for differences”. We are in the week of Prayer for Christian unity and it is unity that we pray for in many aspects of life together. We are not aiming to be the same as each other but to respect and enjoy difference and live in harmony.


Lord Jesus Christ, you prayed for unity amongst your followers. We echo your prayer today, that we might respect each other and live to praise your name and spread your message. Amen. 



January 22nd

Sunday in Christian unity Week

Focus prayer in week of prayer for Christian Unity.

Lord Jesus, who prayed that we might all be one,
we pray to you for the unity of Christians,
according to your will,
according to your means.
May your Spirit enable us
to experience the suffering caused by division,
to see our sin
and to hope beyond all hope.




January 21st

Continuing to Pray for Ukraine and Russia

A prayer for Ukraine and Russia.

Holy and Gracious God,

we pray for the people of Ukraine and of Russia today. 

We pray for peace and the laying down of weapons.

We pray for all those who fear for tomorrow,

that your Spirit of comfort would draw near to them.




January 20th

For some people today is International Day of Acceptance 

Annie Hopkins founded 3E Love to make the world a better place, also creating the International Symbol of Acceptance, which shows a wheelchair in the shape of a heart. Together, the occasion and the symbol communicate the 3E Love ethos of devotion, equality, respect and understanding, to be adopted and appreciated by people of all abilities.

Jesus taught that we are all unique and accepted by God so every day should be acceptance day.


Loving heavenly father, we thank you that we are all different and unique.

Help us to rejoice in our differences and our uniqueness and show acceptance every day.

We ask this in Jesus name.




January 19th

A sign for the nations.

I once heard a story of a pious man who, some years ago, was shipwrecked alone on an island in the middle of the ocean. As he was a practical man he built himself a house. Food was plentiful so he had time on his hands and constructed two more buildings. Eventually he was rescued. ‘Why’, they asked ‘are there three buildings?’ The man replied, ‘This one is where I live. That one is where I worship. And the other one is where I don’t worship!’ Food for thought in this ‘Week of Prayer for Christian Unity’



 Lord, pour upon us the fullness of your mercy, and by the power of your Spirit remove the divisions among Christians. Let your church become a sign for all the nations, that the world may be filled with the light and joy of the healing and reconciling peace and justice of Jesus Christ.  Amen.



January 18th

Today begins the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. (18th-25th January).  In Isaiah 1:17 we read “Do good; seek justice”. This verse is chosen as prophets teach that God requires righteousness and justice from all of us. The verse laments a lack of justice. With Isaiah, there is the hope for a renewed desire and effort for justice around the world. It challenges division in the world today, not only in the church. In many ways Isaiah confronted this in his preaching, when he called his listeners to do good and seek justice.  This Week is for Christians to recognise that the divisions between our churches cannot be separated from the divisions in wider society. Christian unity allows us to reflect on what unites us and to commit ourselves to confront oppression and divisions we encounter in our daily lives.


Lord Jesus, you prayed that we might all be one, we pray for the unity of Christians, according to your will. May we desire to learn from each other and grow in faith, justice and understanding. Amen



January 17th

“The next day John was standing with two of his disciples, and he looked at Jesus as He walked along, and said, “Look! The Lamb of God!” The two disciples heard him say this, and they [f]followed Jesus. And Jesus turned and saw them following Him, and asked them, “What do you want?” They answered Him, “Rabbi (which translated means Teacher), where are You staying?”  He said to them, “Come, and you will see.” John1 35-39 “The Message.”

A couple of weeks ago, we reminded you that the wise men saw the star because they had been looking for it.

When John’s disciples went after Jesus, he asked them, “What are you looking for?” These are the first words Jesus speaks in John’s gospel. 

When Jesus asks Andrew and the other disciple, “What are you looking for?” it means a lot more than just, “Did you lose something? Can I help you find it?” Jesus is really asking, “What are you searching for in life? What is your soul’s deepest desire? What are you seeking with all of your being?”

Jesus asks us the same question. What are you looking for? What do you seek? What are you hunting for, to satisfy your soul’s deep longing? He’s still asking. He still wants to know, because we are really good at looking for all the wrong things, in all the wrong places.

Jesus isn’t sitting around waiting for us to invite him into our lives. Instead, Jesus invites us into his life. With his “come and see” Jesus includes us in his Lamb of God work. It isn’t really about looking for something to fill a God-sized hole in our lives. It’s about filling the us-sized place we can claim in God’s family by accepting Christ’s invitation to grace.

 Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Lamb of God, you invite us into your life, to be with you, to learn from you, to abide in your love. Help us to accept your invitation to grace, knowing that it requires more of us than we are equipped to offer.     Help us completely surrender to your love. Grant that we may desire you more than anything.Amen


January 16th

Many people, some young but not all of them young, are influenced by what they read on the internet. And some of it is not helpful and there are those things that are very harmful. Our prayers today are for those who have influence, those who follow paths that may cause harm themselves and those who would guide and help.



January 15th

Second Sunday after Epiphany

A prayer that we might experience the glory of God in its fullest.

Eternal Lord,

our beginning and our end:

bring us with the whole creation

to your glory, hidden through past ages

and made known

in Jesus Christ our Lord.




January 14th

Continuing to Pray for Ukraine and Russia

A prayer for Ukraine and Russia.

Holy and Gracious God, we pray for the people of Ukraine and of Russia; for their countries and their leaders.

We pray for all who are afraid; that your everlasting arms hold them in this time of great fear.

We pray for all those who have the power over life and death; that they will choose for life, and life in all its fullness.

We pray for those who choose war; that they will remember that you direct your people to turn our swords into ploughshares and seek for peace.

We pray for leaders on the world stage;

that they are inspired by the wisdom and courage of Christ.

Above all, Lord, today we pray for peace for Ukraine.




January 12th

Consider the Lilies

We can learn a lot from nature. Jesus knew this. His teaching often drew from the natural world. He told  parables of the sower, the mustard seed, the lost sheep amongst others. He talked about learning from the lilies of the field. (Matthew 6.28) Last week my spirits were lifted when I noticed the first tiny shoots of daffodils emerging from what had been bare earth. Over the last few months nature had been taking its course, unseen and in the dark. Someone has written ‘All growth does not take place in the sunlight’. Maybe here is a lesson for us about finding the resources to get through dark times. 

Lord open our eyes to see your wisdom in the mysteries of the natural world. As your creative energy infuses even the dark places of earth so may the life-giving and nourishing energy of your Holy Spirit shine in the dark places of our lives and of our world. We ask this in the name of Jesus who himself travelled through and beyond the darkness. Amen



January 11th

Epiphany brings with it the bigger picture and world view. Jesus is not confined to place, to a certain group or set of beliefs. He came to demonstrate the immensity of God’s love for humanity. Through a star came a great realisation that wise men were seeking something beyond themselves,  At the beginning of this New Year we seek to continue God’s path with a greater awareness of renewed courage. Together we can approach God’s truth with confidence, and today and in the days to come through justice and community well being. 


God of light, be the daily star that guides our lives in seeking, help us to trust that voice which is communicated through words and actions. May we always follow your light of truth in all that we do.  May we practice a spirit of discernment so that Your Truth is spoken, not our own.  Help us in this desire. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen



January 10th

When the Song of the Angels Is Stilled

Howard Thurman (November 18, 1899 – April 10, 1981) was an influential African American author, philosopher, theologian, educator and civil rights leader. He was Dean of Chapel at Howard University and Boston University for more than two decades, wrote 21 books, and in 1944 helped found a multicultural church.

I would like to share today his wonderful poem which addresses what we need to do to carry on the work of Christmas.

When the song of the angels is stilled,
When the star in the sky is gone,
When the kings and the princes are home,
When the shepherds are back with their flocks,
The work of Christmas begins:
To find the lost,
To heal the broken,
To feed the hungry,
To release the prisoner,
To rebuild the nations,
To bring peace among people,
To make music in the heart.

Howard Thurman



January 9th

As a nation we are facing various problems at the present time. Let’s pray for all who govern, those who lead in Unions and Professions, all who have influence and for those who work in the media.  And pray too for those whose lives are changed because of the lack of facilities in medical or social care, transport and amenities, let us pray that there will be improvements this year and that justice and harmony will be restored around us.  


Lord, for our nation we pray today.

Restore harmony, bring justice, fair wages and conditions and peace amongst us all. In Jesus Name . Amen.



January 8th

A prayer for Epiphany

Creator of the heavens,

who led the Magi by a star

to worship the Christ-child:

guide and sustain us,

that we may find our journey’s end

in Jesus Christ our Lord.




January 7th

A short prayer for those who live in Ukraine and Russia.

We pray for all those who fear for tomorrow, 

that your Spirit of comfort would draw near to them.

We pray for those with power over war or peace,

for wisdom, discernment and compassion to guide their decisions.

We pray for peace between Ukraine and Russia this year.




January 6th

Already the excitement of Christmas and the New Year seem to be receding rapidly into memory. At this time of year many people are drawn into a personal debate concerning problems or issues in their lives and consider making some New Year Resolution to deal with those matters they feel guilty or uncomfortable about. The implication is that these matters are not easy to deal with and need the "formality" of a Resolution to address them. Such resolutions often involve a change in behaviour with a deferred benefit eg loss of weight, improved fitness, less waste of time or money etc. and understandably these benefits can seem attractive to anyone who feels that their life is not as they would wish. Unfortunately, even if their efforts are successful there is no guarantee that their life will feel any happier or more fulfilled. Many people struggle to sustain their Resolution efforts and enjoy the (additional) guilt of failure. I think that Resolutions can be valuable and successful particularly if they are framed positively, eg to do things new or differently. It's all about being realistic in our expectation of the outcome. You want to lose weight or save some money that's fine but feeling happier or more fulfilled can't be prescribed in this type of process. Perhaps the best Resolution anyone can make is To Be Themselves for better or worse.

O God, ever present, who loves us as we are, warts and all, bless us and lead us to the life where we can be happier and fully be the people we can be. Accept our prayers through Jesus Christ ,your Son and our Saviour. Amen


January 5th

Seeing in the New Year

‘Twelve year old thug arrested for drug running’. Why does the headline read that way? Why doesn’t it read, ‘Twelve year old boy rescued from drug gang’. 

It all depends on how we look at things. Perhaps as we consider our New Year resolutions we might resolve, with God’s help, to see things in a new light, in God’s light. Tomorrow, 6th January, is the Feast of the Epiphany which celebrates the light Jesus brings into the world. May his light illuminate all that we see. 


God, who created the light to shine in the darkness; we pray that the light of Christ may shine into the hearts of all people everywhere, dispelling the darkness of ignorance and judgmentalism, and revealing the grace shown in the face of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



January 4th

There are many barriers that we construct in our lives, in nations even; barriers between ourselves and others who don’t look like us, who have  differing views, and ultimately, barriers between us and God. Certain walls symbolise national, racial, religious, political, and economic conflicts and discrimination that separate people and hinder understanding and cultivating relationships. On some walls around the world Banksy's artwork creates a message, a message to the world. This particular piece in Bethlehem uses Middle Eastern humour to convey a vital and serious message: instead of making barriers between people, we need peace through sharing our cultures.  In Bethlehem, you cannot miss the occupation, because that literally controls every aspect of people’s lives.  When Jesus was born here, he was born in similar circumstances. He was born among the occupied, in a family that later became refugees because of political tyranny.  We can hope through action in supporting such as these that we hold fast to the hope that freedom may come for many this new year.

God of peace, we have built up walls to protect ourselves from others. Break down those walls with love. Help us to see the way is through reconciliation. Bless all who work tirelessly to improve broken lives. Make us instruments of your peace, that your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen


January 3rd

“A band of scholars arrived in Jerusalem from the East. They asked around, “Where can we find and pay homage to the newborn King of the Jews? We observed a star in the eastern sky that signaled his birth. We’re on pilgrimage to worship him.” (Matthew Chapter 1 verses 1-4 “The Message”)

We are now reaching the next stage of our Lord’s coming, the Epiphany which marks the arrival of the wise men or the “band of scholars”.

So what then can we learn from these scholars in how to turn our stables into houses of salvation? Firstly we can try to approach life with an open mind, and rather than expecting God to be found only in the good times or in our churches, to accept the certainty that God is with us wherever we are, whether we are metaphorically on top of the world or in a deepest darkest caverns of despair. Maybe we need to learn how not to pigeon-hole God and let him be wherever and however he is? Secondly we can give our best to God regardless, and our best is ourselves. And thirdly by giving of oneself and truly seeking God, we will change and the stables of our lives will perhaps become the joyous, welcoming houses of God . This Epiphany, like that first Epiphany, God is revealing himself to us and making good his promise. All too often we do not see him through our clutter, but maybe the example of the scholars can help us in our journey? Their first gift to the King of all creation is of themselves and this is ultimately the best gift anyone can offer to God most high. Every year when we sing the carol “In the Bleak mid winter” I am reminded of this ultimate gift, for in the last verse we sing the following prayer:

 What can I give him, poor as I am?  If I were a shepherd I would bring a lamb;   If I were a wise man I would do my part,   Yet what I, can I give him: give my heart.


January 1st

New Year’s Day

A prayer at the beginning of the year 2023.

Eternal Lord God,

we give you thanks for bringing us through the changes of time to the beginning of another year.

Forgive us the wrong we have done in the year that is past,and help us to spend the rest of our days

to your honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord.




December 31st

A prayer for New Year’s Eve.

O God, by whose command

the order of time runs its course:

forgive our impatience, perfect our faith

and, while we wait for the fulfilment of your promises,

grant us to have a good hope because of your word;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.




December 30th

As the weather continues to be very cold, today we remember those who are suffering from a lack of warmth. We think of those who cannot afford to heat their homes and have to choose between heating and eating. We also think of those who have no roof to protect them as they are homeless. We ask God’s blessing on the Warm Hubs and places of safety.

Give, O Lord, to those who struggle with the cold, the warmth and comfort of your love and care of those who can help them. 

Image P. Horseman.

red-cross-dark b.jpg

"Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

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