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Help I think I am a Nationalist

Who am I?
Do I belong?
Who do I belong to?
And who should I vote for?

Cornwall is at a tipping point. House prices soar, the population shifts, tensions rise. Between facebook spats, country lane stand-offs and rants down the pub, nobody’s really talking, and fewer are listening.

Seamas is confused. He is desperately trying to understand.

He’s watched a wave of gentrification sweep through his rural hometown. There’s nowhere to live, yet second homes stand empty. He wishes Cornwall was more welcoming and inclusive, yet watches “up country” money sow division and suspicion.

Could closing borders and nationalism be the answer?
Where’s the line between pride and power?
What happens when it all goes too far?

A controversial, sell-out comedy show about identity, second homes, xenophobia and bagpipes.

Age recommendation 16+

Date: Sunday 8th March

Time: 7:30 pm  (Doors open at 7:00)  Bar available.

At: Amble Parish Hall  Dovecote Street, Amble, NE65 0DXBook

Tickets: Adult £12 | U18s £6

On sale: N&F Youngs Queen Street , or online


Storm in the North

About the event.

We make bread - the Syrian way. We hear the story of a displaced Syrian woman. When the dough is ready, the room fills with the smell of freshly-baked bread. We share it with our friends and neighbours – and enjoy it with Syrian Meze.

When he was in Turkey, writer Kevin Dyer was told by a Syrian refugee, ‘Do not forget Syria’. This is our attempt, with baking, and a thrilling piece of drama, to keep the proud people of that country in our minds – with food and a story of hope.

Date: Sunday 7th April

Time: 7:30 pm  (Doors open at 7:00) Bar available.

At: Amble Parish Hall  Dovecote Street, Amble, NE65 0DXBook

Tickets: Adult £12 | U18s £6

On sale: N&F Youngs Queen Street , or online


On: Saturday April 6th

Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm

At: Parish Hall Dovecote Street

Usual stalls to include...

* Books, CDs

* Bric-a-Brac

* Homemade cakes

* Tombola

*  Jewellery

*  Raffle 

Join us for a'Bacon Buttie' brunch.

The proceeds are to go towards our church funds.


Entrance free!

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Behold The Coat of Hopes

The Coat of Hopes is a patchwork coat that is on an ongoing walk through Britain. Made, worn and walked by hundreds of people during and since its pilgrimage from the south coast of England to COP 26, the UN climate summit, in Glasgow autumn 2021. 


The Coat is made up of pieces of blanket into which people have worked their griefs, remembrances, prayers and hopes for the place they call home. It carries an invitation to share our love and responsibility in facing this climate and ecological emergency.

The Coat of Hopes came here to Amble.

Visit their website to find out more.

If you would like to walk with the Coat of Hopes, please email

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Café Church was busy today. We meet 1st Sunday of the month. Time: 3:00 pm (Winter Time.) This is a short, very informal service for all ages held at Coquet Tea Rooms, Queen Street.

All Welcome.



On our YouTube channel at 9:30 each Sunday morning. 

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For some time we have been supporting Dennis Fundi  based at the Utugi Street Children Centre in the Diocese of Kirinyaga, Kenya.


Dennis is now 17 and started High School earlier this year.  He is bright and doing well.  News has just come through that the schools are closed due to Covid-19 and pupils are sent back to the care of parents or guardians, so Dennis is with his elderly Grandmother.  Utugi staff are keeping regular contact.  Originally  Dennis's mother died and left him with his Grandmother who couldn’t manage and he became a street boy in Kutus Town. That was when Utugi stepped in firstly with feeding and then with a home at the Centre.


Dennis wants to be an engineer.  He did well at primary school and now has the chance of a Secondary Education.


Please pray for Dennis, for all the Boys and Staff and for Sister Susan who runs the Centre.


If you would like to write to Dennis, get in touch with Penny Horseman

Watch this documentary to find out more about the school.

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“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven" 

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