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We prepare a regular Sunday service that we post onto our YouTube channel at 9:30 each Sunday morning. 

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News from Alison Rudd - Lockdown Stories. 'I am pleased to tell you that my improvisation Spring Prelude, is now part of an online exhibition of lockdown stories and has been entered into the Northumberland Archives for future generations to see and understand how it felt to be living during this time. The piece was recorded in April last year specifically for online worship on the Aln and Coastland website and also featured on my CD Morning Sunshine. Here is the link to the exhibition.' (You need to scroll down to the bottom of the page,)

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Penny Horseman writes ...

In common with all Charities Church Army has suffered a significant loss of income this year as events are cancelled and opportunities for fund raising reduced. As a church St Cuthbert’s would usually have made a donation to the work.  To meet this shortfall all member s of Church Army have been asked to undertake an 1882 challenge of their choice. 1882 is the year of our founding and we can use the number 82 or in my case the number 18!

 I aim to make 18 Japanese Knot Bags by Wilson Carlile Day on September 26th. Yes you did read that! Japanese Knot Bags are small cloth bags of an unusual shape. They make a nice small present or a reusable wrapping for a special gift. Mine will all be different, made from a variety of unusual fabrics.  


You can either sponsor me to do this or for a donation in excess of £10 have one of the bags.

My Church Army colleagues have spent the last months ministering to homeless people, to the most vulnerable in all parts of society, bringing hope, food parcels and help and putting themselves at risk.


Making 18 bags is the least I can do.


Will you help?



Your chance to own a piece of our beautiful west window!  

Mugs - Badges - Magnets - Key rings - Cards 

Each item portrays a unique stained glass picture.

Here is the range of pictures for you to browse through. 

These souvenirs were to be on sale at our various coffee mornings and Spring Fayre, but unfortunately these events have had to be cancelled.  


For some time we have been supporting Dennis Fundi  based at the Utugi Street Children Centre in the Diocese of Kirinyaga, Kenya.


Dennis is now 17 and started High School earlier this year.  He is bright and doing well.  News has just come through that the schools are closed due to Covid-19 and pupils are sent back to the care of parents or guardians, so Dennis is with his elderly Grandmother.  Utugi staff are keeping regular contact.  Originally  Dennis's mother died and left him with his Grandmother who couldn’t manage and he became a street boy in Kutus Town. That was when Utugi stepped in firstly with feeding and then with a home at the Centre.


Dennis wants to be an engineer.  He did well at primary school and now has the chance of a Secondary Education.


Please pray for Dennis, for all the Boys and Staff and for Sister Susan who runs the Centre.


If you would like to write to Dennis, get in touch with Penny Horseman.


Watch this documentary to find out more about the school.


At St Cuthbert's we had an after school club called Threebies. 


This time last year they were busy making gingerbread persons and designing Christmas cards. 


Here is the winner of the best picture for the cover of the Town Christmas card.



Jill was amazing and decided to enter the Great North Run, last year, for our church appeal.  


We are busy fundraising for our installation of the toilet and servery at the back of church to make St Cuthbert's 'Fit for the Future'.

A BIG thanks must go to Jill for all the hard work in training, and for achieving her goal. 

For more information check out... 

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“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven"