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Penny Horseman

Church Army



Sarah Mitchell

Lay Reader

Penny is our Church Army Evangelist.

Church Army was established in 1882 by Wilson Carlile with a vision to train ordinary Christian men and women to reach those most in need with the gospel. 


Their vision is for everyone everywhere to encounter God's love, and be empowered to transform their communities through faith shared in words and action.



Sarah and Mari are our Lay Readers.


Lay Readers are people in the Church of England, from all walks of life.


They offer a model of Christian discipleship to the people they meet in their daily lives as well as in their congregations. 


They are trained in theology, pastoral work and a variety of ministerial skills, and one of their key roles is to help people connect faith and life.

Sarah Mitchell

Lay Reader

Mari Mander

Lay Reader

Sarah Mitchell

Lay Reader



OUR PCC - is made up of many members from our church. PPC stands for the Parochial Church Council and its members are responsible for the running of the church.  Scroll through the slide show below to see everyone. 

Nancy Rudd



Our Pastoral Team is made up of members from our church. Their purpose is to maintain a good practice of “pastoral care” to our regular church members and beyond. Scroll through the slide show below to see everyone.  

Jill Barlow



Our Baptism Group is made up of members from our church.  They meet with the parents, in church, to arrange the baptism and they are there in the baptism service to help the family if needed.  Scroll through the slide show below to see everyone.  

cross-red b.jpg

“This is my commandment to you:

Love one another" 

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