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As St. Cuthbert’s is the Parish Church, people who live in the parish are very welcome to use the church for a funeral regardless of whether or not they are regular worshippers. Arrangements are normally made through the undertaker, who is chosen by the family. 

However, if someone is very ill in your family and you would like the Vicar to visit, then please do get in touch with him at any time.

When someone has died, we will visit you at home if you live here in the parish, to talk over with you what you would like to be included in the funeral. Family members are also welcome to speak at the funeral, and we will help and guide you with the arrangements for the service, and help you to choose any hymns you want. We can also play CDs of favourite music if you wish. On occasion, people ask for the choir to be present at a funeral, and subject to choir members being available on the day, we can arrange that for you.

Clergy and Readers will also conduct the funerals of people living in the parish at the crematorium if that is the family’s wish. (Blyth is the nearest crematorium.) In this area, most funerals still take place in church, and may be followed either by burial or cremation. Burials are in the public cemetery at Amble West, which is a lovely, peaceful place. Arrangements for burials are always made through the undertaker.

Prayers are said in church for a month after the person has died. There is a Book of Remembrance held in the church and if you wish the name of your loved one to be added, that can be arranged. The Book of Remembrance is normally written up once a year by a professional calligrapher.

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